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What is the Democratic County Chair?

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Frederick "Nic" Nickens is a proud veteran, and educator running for Collin County Democratic Party Chair in the 2022 Democratic Primary elections. Below is a summary of some of my duties as obligated by the party, but the county chair's role doesn't stop here.  

County Party Chairs lead party activities within the county. They work with candidates, precinct chairs, and staff. They conduct primary elections and certify results. They build a network of volunteers and precinct chairs.

Why are Democrats better for me?

​Democrats have always had your community's best interest at heart. When social justice issues arise, Democrats have always pushed for those responsible to be held accountable. After the winter storm hit last February it was Democrats who pushed for strengthening our grid to keep Texans safe. When COVID first arrived in Texas it was Democrats who advocated for proper protections for families, workers, and small business owners. Democrats have a long-standing history of standing up for you. From defending voting rights to standing up for the disenfranchised, Democrats always go to bat for you. As your next Collin County Democratic County Chair, I promise to continue that fight right here at home. 

How can you help?

​Collin County has the talent to become the county that all Democrats of Texas look upon as an example of success. There are numerous entities working very hard in Collin County, but they're all working in a vacuum that should be filled by our county party. As your Democratic Party County Chair I will provide the type of leadership that fills that vacuum by inviting all of these entities to come together and collaborate in order to produce dynamic strategies that will and can be used for generations to come.

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